Supply Chain

More efficient operations through strategic real estate moves.

If your company manufactures, packages, ships, receives or stores goods, you need more than square footage — you need a base of operations. When you work with SRC, a dedicated team of real estate professionals will meet with you to determine your exact needs, and then find or optimize a site that will enable your company to operate more efficiently.

Logistics-Focused Real Estate Services

  • Network optimization
    • Analysis of distance and routes to customers, suppliers and vendors
    • Identification of specialized facilities and establishment of new manufacturing and distribution centers
  • Attention to unique industry concerns including specialized power and utilities needs
  • Compliance with corporate standards, as well as government regulations such as AIB, USDA and LEED
  • Cooperation with transportation providers and unions
  • Expertise in dock equipment that meets safety and operational requirements
  • Disposition of facilities
  • Space planning guidelines
  • Contract negotiation

From optimizing your distribution routes to negotiating contracts, SRC provides the expertise you need to keep your business on point.

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