Case Study

Industry: Supply Chain

Region: South Central United States


  1. Identify a market with a strong employment base in which to locate regional flagship distribution hub for a company experiencing rapid growth in the south central United States.
  2. Locate an existing facility or build-to-suit opportunity within this market that is strategically positioned to service existing clients and able to accommodate aggressive growth as company expands over the next 36 months.



The client ultimately selected a building that was less than 10 years old, centrally positioned within the region and located in an area that had recently completed infrastructure improvements, making transportation problems unlikely in the near future. SRC was able to leverage the recent construction to gain two additional advantages: reduced occupancy allowed SRC to negotiate extremely favorable economic terms, and expected growth in the newly improved area provided the client with ample opportunity for employee recruitment. Due to SRC's efficiency, the client was able to open the facility even earlier than planned. The facility was a great success, and now serves as a model for all of the company's new distribution centers.

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