Case Study

Industry: Land Brokerage

Region: North Texas


  1. 115 acres in Grayson County had been on the market over 1,436 days and the listing expired without a successful sale/disposition.
  2. Contact land owner, acquire an exclusive listing agreement, market and sell the property in 6-12 months.



The property was on the market for approximately 18 days before being put under contract at $33,500 over list price. SRC was able to leverage the initial interest in the property to gain two additional advantages: multiple offers allowed SRC to negotiate extremely favorable economic terms and negotiate $10,000 in earnest money for our client. During this initial contract, the buyer’s backed out before closing and our client’s received the $10,000 in earnest money for breach of contract. After 80 days on the market, SRC successfully negotiated a full price cash offer with a closing date under 30 days, $1,000 ten day option period, and another $10,000 in earnest money. Due to SRC's efficiency and aggressive negotiations, our client was able to purchase a new survey with the initial earnest money and in addition sell their property at list price. The sale of the property was a welcome relief for our client’s after nearly four years of unsuccessful attempts by previous real estate brokers. In the end, the business approach to real estate that SRC utilizes gave a strategic advantage to the land owner and made sure they were insulated from the unpredictable nature of real estate transactions.

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